Chelsey & Trevor

Chelsey & Trevor's sweet winter wedding preview has arrived! We had been watching the weather all week since it's been gloomy and downright frigid here in Nashville. With Muscle Shoals being two hours south, the weather was chilly but a little warmer than we expected, thankfully! The wedding party braved the wind and we had a blast scurrying inside and outside the church trying to stay warm but make some magic at the same time. In every aspect of their wedding, from the service to the decorations, they were true to themselves and their passions. Chelsey has a heart for wildlife conservation and loves birds, so throwing birdseed during their exit was more than just a tradition. I'm sure all the little birds who overwinter here were thrilled the next morning! 

Chelsey and Trevor's love for each other is a really beautiful thing and they're not afraid to snuggle together and show it, which made taking photos of them SO MUCH FUN. Photographing couples who can hardly contain their excitement for each other really brightens up my life. 

Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys. It was an honor and a joy!