Thank you for choosing, me, Cari Griffith Photography (CGP) to tell your wedding day story! I truly adore my job, and will do everything I can to serve you and your guests in a way that makes your day nothing but joyful and memorable. This contract serves as an informational guide for services, situations, and liabilities involved with wedding and event photography. All of the terms listed below are based on industry standards, and are put in place to protect all parties involved. I strive to conduct my business in a way that is honest, professional, and community driven. In every aspect of my business and personal life, I hold myself to high ethical and moral standards. I have a degree in Public Relations and Photojournalism, and over ten years of professional experience in documentation, photograph editing and processing, and event coordinating. My goal is for you to feel 100% confident (and PUMPED) about your decision to work with me, and these terms are part of that assurance. This contract acts as a binding agreement, and by making your initial deposit and filling out the form below, you signal your agreement to all of the contract terms. Thanks again for entrusting me with documenting your memories. Three cheers for true love!

(And here’s the legal stuff)


When hiring CGP you are agreeing to the specific photographic and editing style, services, character, and personality that she offers. The Package Terms, as listed in the Wedding Package Guide and the Invoice, will be the only services offered by CGP for your wedding day unless a written agreement is made between both parties. If the event requires additional hours of coverage, services, or add-on items not previously listed on the invoice, those services will be billed after the wedding day, unless agreed upon by CGP in advance. Additional services, hours of coverage, or add-on items are at the sole discretion of CGP and may not be available in all circumstances. The client agrees to pay for additional services if requested after the balance has been paid or during the event.

Unless agreed upon in advance, CGP and any assistants, shall be the exclusive photographer for the wedding day. Friends, relatives, and attendants should not interfere with the photographic services offered by CGP, especially during formal portrait sessions and the ceremony. It shall be the responsibility of the client to ensure that friends, relatives, and attendants are respectful of the investment made in professional wedding photography, and politely ask that guests refrain from taking photographs during formal sessions, special moments, and the ceremony. The photographer is not responsible for compromised photographs due to guests interfering with cell phones, flashes, or positioning. The photographer is not responsible for unfavorable lighting, decorations, background, weather, schedule delays, or complications that may interfere with the photographic services offered. CGP will do her best to ensure that the day flows smoothly no matter the circumstances, however situations may arise that are outside of her control. .

For wedding events over 6 hours, it is legally required for CGP and her assistants to take one small break to eat, refuel, and change memory cards or adjust gear. Usually the break takes place while the couple and guests are eating, however the photographers are always ready to jump back in, should a moment arise. For events over 6 hours, CGP and her assistant must be provided a meal on location, otherwise an hour break is needed to leave the premises. (Usually we just grab a plate of whatever the guests are eating, hide in a closet and scarf it down, and then run back to the dance floor!) If you or your venue prefer to offer vendor meals instead, please let CGP know ahead of time so she can schedule alternating breaks with her assistants.


Two payment options are available for wedding packages. Option One: $800 deposit with the final balance due one month prior to the wedding. Or a $400 deposit, with a monthly installment plan. The initial deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances, including wedding cancelation. The remaining total amount is to be paid in full no later than one month before the wedding date. Payments can be mailed in check or cash to 125 Maple Street, Jackson, TN 38301 or sent via Square Cash App ($CariGriffith) or Venmo (@Cari-Griffith). Travel and accommodation reimbursement will be arranged prior to the final payment, and will be updated in the invoice. CGP recognizes how important it is to invest in photography that lasts a lifetime, and understands the weight of budgeting for an event. CGP is happy to work with the client to create a plan that works for them.

In the event of the cancellation of the wedding, the deposit and any payments made prior to the cancellation are non-refundable. Payments not yet made are therefore canceled, and the date will be released immediately. In the event of a cancellation, the client may exchange the amount already paid towards additional sessions with CGP within 2 years of payment. Re-scheduled events will be subject to updated session rates and availability. No refunds will be given under any circumstances.


Although the utmost care will be taken with the digital files, CGP and her assistants limit any liability for loss, damage, or failure to deliver photographs for any reason outside of their control such as but not limited to: natural disaster, theft, unforeseen damage, technological failure, etc. Each moment in a wedding is invaluable; CGP and her assistants will do everything in their power to capture each of the moments beautifully. However, circumstances beyond their control may prevent a specific moment from being captured, which is the nature of event photography, and requires understanding on all sides. No refunds will be given due to client satisfaction with services/products offered, but CGP welcomes any thoughts and concerns and will respectfully and professionally work through any problem that arrises. If CGP is unable to deliver the total amount of photos due to an extremely rare and unimaginable situation, a full refund will be given, and additional photographic arrangements will be made to attempt to compensate for the special moments that were lost. In any event, the photographer’s liability will not exceed the contracted price stated in the invoice.

If for any reason CGP is unable to perform her contracted duties on the wedding day due to severe illness or injury, serious family circumstances, natural disaster etc., she will secure a quality and experienced photographer to take her place. She will arrange for the travel, payment, and consultation with said photographer, to ensure that the photographs will reflect the desires expressed by the client. A qualified individual will be present to take your wedding photos, no matter the circumstance. If, after booking, CGP finds out that her family is growing and will no longer be able to perform the services at the date of the event due to pregnancy or due date, CGP will discuss options with the client about refunding payments, referrals, or the hiring of qualified associate photographer to document the event, and still retaining the style and feel of CGP’s work.

CGP is not responsible for injuries, property damage, event interruptions, or any other occurrence during photo sessions during, before, or after the event.


As a part of every CGP wedding package, clients are given full printing and personal rights to all edited images, to use as desired for printing, social media, or personal purposes. However, in doing so, the photographer retains the rights to use the photographs for promotional, editorial, stock photography, and professional purposes as needed. CGP retains ownership of the original copyright on the images, and does not need permission from the client to use images in any circumstance. If for reasons of sensitivity or privacy, you wish for CGP to refrain from using images in her portfolio or online, please notify CGP prior to the wedding date and she will respect your wishes. All images are delivered without a watermark (because they’re lame and no one likes them.) When posting on social media, tag Cari Griffith Photography, or post a link to Once the services are completed, leave a review on CGP’s Facebook page if possible! Referrals and reviews are the greatest gift in the photography world.

CGP agrees to have the final selection of wedding photographs delivered within a reasonable period of time from the event date. Exact date of delivery varies with each wedding and season, but the gallery delivery is typically within 8-10 weeks time from the wedding date, with a preview being delivered within one week. If you would not like your preview posted online, please let CGP know prior to the event and accommodations will be made to privately view the preview. Often, additional sneak previews of favorite moments are sent along the way, so that the client can see the work in progress. Final USB print packages, if ordered, take additional time, and will be arranged after the delivery of the gallery.

All images once they are delivered are final, in terms of content, number of images, editing, and style. CGP minimally processes each image to correct color, exposure, and cropping, and does not believe in drastically altering the appearance of clients, guests, or locations beyond mild corrections. If the client would like an image altered after the delivery of the photographs, it is under CGP’s discretion, and is subject to additional hourly editing rates of $35/ hr. Additional filters, crops, edits, and amendments are highly discouraged and will negatively affect the general public’s view of CGP’s work. CGP does not limit the number of images she sends with each wedding, and always delivers all of the best images, therefore RAW or unedited images are not available for purchase.

CGP takes special care to archive all wedding files indefinitely; however, backup images are not guaranteed forever. Immediately upon receiving the images clients are encouraged to store an additional copy of the wedding files in a secure location to ensure backup for years to come.

Wedding albums contain images chosen by CGP, unless arranged beforehand, and will be ordered and created by CGP through Artifact Uprising. Wedding albums may require addi tional input from the client, and additional time for creation and shipping. Typically 3-6 weeks after the delivery of the images. Additional copies of wedding albums can be ordered by the client at cost from Artifact Uprising.

Additional flash drives of images are $50, unless the drive arrives damaged or if files are missing. Flash drives that arrive damaged or unreadable will be replaced immediately at no cost.


Travel costs will be calculated prior to the final payment, and are under the discretion of CGP. Travel for Memphis, Jackson, and Nashville require no additional travel fees. Typically, CGP’s travel rate is $25 an hour, which covers gas, food, and any expenses. It may be necessary to arrange hotel or Air BnB accommodations for trips requiring an overnight stay. If CGP has friends or relatives in the area, she will do her best to find the most affordable means of accommodation. The client may also book a hotel where the rest of the wedding party is staying, or an Air BnB in the area. If additional accommodations are needed for a second photographer, CGP will note all expenses prior to the final payment. CGP will work with the client to arrange the most convenient and affordable travel options. Details will be discussed, arranged, and reimbursed or paid for no later than one month prior to the wedding date.

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Whew! That’s all folks! Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you have questions about any of the items listed in this contract. I recognize that the terms are lengthy, and I am happy to explain any of the items in further detail!

I am overjoyed that you chose me as your wedding photographer, and will do everything I can to make your wedding photos look exactly how you’ve dreamed!
I’m here for you and for your big day!

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