Student Lessons

The images above were taken by a group of high school students for an assignment on Colors, and they completely blew me away with their talent! Being a high school photography teacher was one of the greatest gifts in my photography journey these last few years. They challenged me with their questions, adventurous spirits, and new ways of seeing and capturing the beauty around them. I’ve been both a group and individual teacher and I love the unique learning experiences students can gain from each environment. Whether your student has just picked up a camera, or has already started hanging their prints on the wall, my classes are tailored to meet the needs of each student exactly where they are. I created a hands on curriculum that builds on a traditional way of operating a camera so that the student gains a solid foundation needed to advance their skills in this technical world. Classes are for students 13+ and require a parent permission form.

Individual lessons - $55/hr

Lessons will be taught at the student’s home, or at another location as discussed beforehand with the parent and student. Lessons work best if scheduled on a reoccurring basis, either weekly or every other week to maximize the retention of information. Students will learn both basic camera and computer skills, as well as how to train their eye to see photo-worthy moments. Camera and computer not necessary, but helpful for continued learning.

Group lessons with 2 or more students - $45/per student, per hour

Group lessons are a fun way for students to practice photography together, to explore Jackson, and gain valuable experience photographing in different environments. Lessons can alternate between student’s homes, or can be held at a central location in Jackson like a park or a university depending on the specific interests and needs of the student. Camera and computer access are necessary unless under special circumstances.


Photography for Parents

I entered the photography world by following in my dad’s footsteps. The dusty old prints of his solo trip to the Grand Canyon that I pulled out of a box in my childhood years inspired me to pick up a camera and document the world around me just like he did. I could go on and on about why it’s important to hire a professional photographer regularly for family portraits, (and not just because that’s how I make a living!), but I think it’s incredibly important for families to have sustainable methods for capturing meaningful and beautiful moments in their every day life. It was easier when I was growing up, because everyone had a film camera, they sent their photos to print and made duplicates for grandma, so the prints are still around for us to enjoy. But it’s a little trickier in the digital age to replicate those same paused moments at home. Those little vignettes of daily life are the images that will carry deep nostalgia for your children as they grow into adulthood. It’s so easy in iPhone land to snap snap snap and then lose the images in the abyss of iCloud. Or, to tragically lose all of your images to an update or a lost phone. However, the benefit of our current technology is that we do have the benefit of storing both digital and tangible photographs! My goals are to help you get organized, know how to take a good photo of your kid eating peas for the first time, and how to ensure that those embarrassing images last until your child is old enough to cringe about them. My Photography for Parents class will cover:

  • Basic composition, lighting, and editing

  • Storytelling and how to capture moments

  • Photo storage, printing, and archiving

  • Compact and affordable camera suggestions for everyday use

  • And how/when to hire a professional (and references for other local photographers with different skills than mine!)

  • And a consultation session on your current practices, methods of storage, and how those systems can be improved

Lessons can be scheduled at your convenience over the course of one year!

Starter Package - $375 { Consultation. Two in home hour long lessons. Organizational resources.}

Full Package - $675 {Consultation. Three hands on lessons. Organizational resources. Practice session at home. 20% off future family session.}

If you’d like to get involved, or have questions about the process, fill out the form below and I’ll get back with you!

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