Andrew & Jennifer

When you take a step back and think about all of the tiny moments in life that lead us on the path to find the person we will love, it really is such an unimaginably huge deal that any of us ever find each other! And that is especially the case for Andrew and Jennifer. They grew up in missionary families in completely different cultures, and found each other in college at a little university in Tennessee. Though seemingly opposite in the surface ways, their stories and interests aligned and they've created such a beautifully deep and diverse community around them. The wedding was held at the Memphis Vietnamese church Jennifer's father pastors, and it was a sweet and intimate celebration of the different communities they grew up in. They gave their guests handmade wooden coasters from a small village in Africa, and held a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony to honor their families. As you'll be able to tell from the pictures, everyone was just BEAMING and so HAPPY. I had such a lovely time taking their portraits because they have such a great time just being with each other. Andrew and Jennifer - - thank you for choosing me to tell your story! I hope all of us can learn from your joy, contentedness, and compassion. Enjoy these and the rest to come!