Abby & Chad

Abby and Chad's St. Louis wedding was first and foremost a celebration of a pretty awesome duo committing their lives to each other, but it was also a lovely reunion of college pals that I haven't seen in quite a long time! Their wedding venue couldn't have been more perfect for their love of both the earth and history. The DeMenil Mansion, built in 1848, is a magical place, full of gorgeous greenery and immaculately preserved historic furniture. Each room had so many amazing details, I had to keep myself from wandering around and remember that I did indeed have a timeline to follow. My favorite moments during Abby and Chad's wedding were the portrait times with just the two of them. Abby isn't one to give you a fake smile and pretend like she's having a blast - - unless she genuinely is having a good time! Getting to hang out with both of them was such a joy because their love is hilarious and tender. It's the honest kind of love, that makes you want to be more real with the world around you and worry less about how other people are perceiving you. That's something I've always admired about Abby, and the best friend we share, Natalie. They love people hard, but don't give a lick about what people think about them at the same time. The words loyal and compassionate echoed through the different speeches and conversations throughout the weekend, and everyone seemed to be there to affirm that these two coming together was providential. Hanging out with the wedding party and reminiscing about college days made me realize just how far we've all come, but also how familiar those college days still feel. I was super honored when Abby initially inquired, and have been looking forward to this day ever since! 

Also, it's a well-known fact that I'll probably cry at every wedding at some point, and it's usually a grandparent that gets me. Abby's granddad breaking it down on the dance floor melted me completely. It's capturing those moments that gives me life. I love my job. And this wedding was the best. How did I get to do this for a living? Thank the Lord. 

Congrats Abby and Chad! Happy first week of marriage!