Allison & Abhay's Indian Ceremony at Sri Ganesha Temple, Nashville, Tennessee

We had all been looking forward to this weekend for what felt like forever and it FINALLY arrived! Allison & Abhay are two of the kindest and most genuine people you could hope to meet, and it just felt like everyone around them knew that their marriage would make the world a better place! We got to celebrate them for a whole weekend, with an Indian ceremony on Friday and an American ceremony on Saturday! The Indian ceremony took place at Sri Ganesha Temple in Nashville. We got there early and it was misty and grey outside, but oh so colorful inside. The ceremony leaders graciously walked the families through all of the symbolic and meaningful gestures of worship and togetherness. One moment stuck out to me, when Allison’s mother in law draped a cloth around her shoulders and presented her with a gift. It was such an incredible symbol of acceptance and welcome. I wish all cultural wedding ceremonies were this rich and intentional! Once the ceremony concluded, we went outside to find a beautiful blue sky waiting on us! It was an honor to photograph the intimacy of this cultural tradition, and the joy of these two families getting to know each other!

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