Shea & Natalie {March 16, 2019}

Wow - this one hit me straight in the heart. At every wedding I usually have a moment where I’m practically in tears because of how much I LOVE all of the tenderness and joy that surrounds people on their wedding day. I just can’t help it! But this wedding in particular sunk me to the floor. Mostly because Natalie and I have been friends since she was in middle school, when I joined the new tiny church her family was starting. And Shea and I are kindred feelers who became fast friends right from the start. I think we all knew they were meant for each other long before they did, which has made it really fun to watch them grow together and make plans for forever. Not to mention my love for the whole entire wedding party - some of my best pals, sweetest sister, and new friends! We had a true Downtown Jackson party with the ceremony at our church, City Fellowship, and the reception around the corner at the Aneas Building. They created a beautiful charcuterie table with handmade boards by Shea’s grandfather (much of which had been greatly enjoyed by the time we got in there) along with chocolate milk and donuts, cake, coffee, and LaCroix - - what more could a human need?? No one danced harder than the kids, who showed us our age real quick by never tiring of the tunes.

I just really love every one of you all and count it such an honor and a privilege to have this job. Enjoy this little feelings fest! More to come!

Jesse & Andrea

I always talk about how much I love photographing weddings for friends, and this wedding was no exception! Jesse and I worked together at ComeUnity Cafe, where I used to manage the community garden plot and Jesse (and Austin) make the best food in town. Both Jesse and Andrea have a direct connection to the heartbeat of Jackson, and they use their gifts so well to serve the community. Their downtown wedding was another reminder of why I love this city so much. Andrea got ready in the top floor of ComeUnity Cafe, and we walked right down the street for the ceremony and reception at the Suites of Larue. I loved how they included their son Jonah into every aspect of the wedding day. So thankful for you three and the people around you! More to come!