Allison & Abhay

Allison & Abhay's wedding was a PARTY. The two day wedding weekend started with their Hindu ceremony at the Sri Ganesha Temple (Check out the mini preview on my Facebook page! Full preview coming soon!). Being able to witness two families and cultures coming together in such an intentional way was deeply encouraging. I realized how often we focus on just the couple and forget about the joining of two whole families! Both of their ceremonies celebrated the legacy of faith, culture, and joy they have both come from. They included so many thoughtful details that helped acknowledge their families who weren't able to be with them, and the many little things that brought them together. Saturday's ceremony was held at Green Door Gourmet, and I can't say enough flowery things about how wonderful this venue is. The staff was a joy to work with (shout out to Briana for being the best), and the grounds were gorgeous! To top off the whole day, Abhay rode into the ceremony on a scooter surrounded by drums, music, and a crowd of dancing friends and family. If you weren't planning on viewing the whole preview for some silly reason, at least scroll down to see his entrance! It was incredible!! We danced and laughed the night away, and I just had the best time with them and their wedding party. Both Allison & Abhay are the sweetest and most thoughtful people you could ever be around, and I'm so thankful I got to spend the day with them!! Many thanks to the amazing Kristi Woody for assisting me! 



Caleb & Amy

The intentionality and reverence found in traditional Anglican wedding ceremonies mirrors the way Caleb and Amy interact with the world. Their ability to take seriously the responsibility and jobs they have been given is only made better by the fact that they're truly able to laugh at and with each other. They're goofy and hilarious, compassionate and virtuous. And those elements of their personalities sang throughout the day. The ceremony was not your 15 minute sweet southern ceremony - but an entire service centered around celebrating the faith they hold true, and the hope they carry into their life together. I loved the challenge of both documenting the story of their ceremony, and the encouragement to step back and participate during the certain parts that they wanted to be completely reverent. As you'll be able to tell from the photos after the ceremony, the room was filled with joy, tears, and just a whole lot of really happy friends. It was an honor to step into your lives for a day and tell this wonderful story! Can't wait to share the rest with you all! 

Nick & Laura

Laura & Nick's Sunday wedding at Green Frog Farms was filled with lavender, happy babies, the BEST pup, and a zillion delightful people. They didn't cut any corners in how they planned their day to be truly and uniquely them. Laura and Nick are thoughtful, hilarious, and confident, which made the day flow by like a sweet summer breeze. Laura's Dog, Tennessee Williams, was definitely a highlight of the evening for all of us. During the ceremony he sat in the back, wagging is tail any time Laura looked his way. We snuck off for a few minutes at sunset and literally ran through the field laughing and cheering. The tenderness was just too much at times, and I definitely shed a few (or more than a few) tears during the father daughter dance. Still, after 10 years in the business, I can't make it through a single wedding without tearing up. It was a lovely celebration and I'm so thankful to have been a part of it! Three cheers to Courtney Searcy for assisting me. Some of her lovely images are below as well! 



Andrew & Jennifer

When you take a step back and think about all of the tiny moments in life that lead us on the path to find the person we will love, it really is such an unimaginably huge deal that any of us ever find each other! And that is especially the case for Andrew and Jennifer. They grew up in missionary families in completely different cultures, and found each other in college at a little university in Tennessee. Though seemingly opposite in the surface ways, their stories and interests aligned and they've created such a beautifully deep and diverse community around them. The wedding was held at the Memphis Vietnamese church Jennifer's father pastors, and it was a sweet and intimate celebration of the different communities they grew up in. They gave their guests handmade wooden coasters from a small village in Africa, and held a traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony to honor their families. As you'll be able to tell from the pictures, everyone was just BEAMING and so HAPPY. I had such a lovely time taking their portraits because they have such a great time just being with each other. Andrew and Jennifer - - thank you for choosing me to tell your story! I hope all of us can learn from your joy, contentedness, and compassion. Enjoy these and the rest to come!  

Katelyn & Jeff

Summer wedding season is in full swing! My official start to the busy season kicked off with this gorgeous wedding at White Oak Farms! The brand new venue is just a little ways away from Jackson, and I've been excitedly watching it's progress in anticipation of this last weekend! It was thoughtfully created to be the perfect space for entertaining, and it was a blast to work in. Katelyn and Jeff are super fun to be around, and the way they make each other laugh made me tear up on more than one occasion. They hired an incredible team of vendors which made their wedding even more special. I felt like I was in the presence of royalty working alongside Southern Sparkle Event Planning, because Krisy is the best of the best around here! Everyone was incredibly happy and laid back, and we just had a grand ole celebration complete with a rainbow at the end of the evening. Thank you all for welcoming me into your wedding day, and letting me tell your story! More photos to come! 


Sandra & Tim

You'd be hard pressed to find a more compassionate and creative duo than Sandra Dorsey Mohr and Timothy Durham. Tim & Sandra are dear friends of Rob and I, and we've been looking forward to their wedding day for a very long time. They're the kind of people you want on your team. They're funny, thoughtful, insanely talented, and unlike anyone else you'll meet around town. We knew not to expect the traditional at their wedding, and even though I know them both well, I was not prepared for just how incredibly beautiful their day would be! They were intentional in including all of the different cultures and values that make them who they are - - languages, arts, community, inclusion, nature, and really yummy food. Every single detail, from the paper animal hats they made for their nieces and nephews, to the incredible thrones they built to sit in together, was made to bring about enjoyment for all of their guests. Now, I know this is a very long preview, and I might have gotten too exited and edited half of the wedding already, but I just wanted you all to see what I saw. And feel what I felt. I love these two so deeply, and will always be grateful to have shared this day with you all! Happy Canadian honeymoon, you two! 

Chelsey & Trevor

Chelsey & Trevor's sweet winter wedding preview has arrived! We had been watching the weather all week since it's been gloomy and downright frigid here in Nashville. With Muscle Shoals being two hours south, the weather was chilly but a little warmer than we expected, thankfully! The wedding party braved the wind and we had a blast scurrying inside and outside the church trying to stay warm but make some magic at the same time. In every aspect of their wedding, from the service to the decorations, they were true to themselves and their passions. Chelsey has a heart for wildlife conservation and loves birds, so throwing birdseed during their exit was more than just a tradition. I'm sure all the little birds who overwinter here were thrilled the next morning! 

Chelsey and Trevor's love for each other is a really beautiful thing and they're not afraid to snuggle together and show it, which made taking photos of them SO MUCH FUN. Photographing couples who can hardly contain their excitement for each other really brightens up my life. 

Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys. It was an honor and a joy!