Chelsey & Trevor

Chelsey & Trevor's sweet winter wedding preview has arrived! We had been watching the weather all week since it's been gloomy and downright frigid here in Nashville. With Muscle Shoals being two hours south, the weather was chilly but a little warmer than we expected, thankfully! The wedding party braved the wind and we had a blast scurrying inside and outside the church trying to stay warm but make some magic at the same time. In every aspect of their wedding, from the service to the decorations, they were true to themselves and their passions. Chelsey has a heart for wildlife conservation and loves birds, so throwing birdseed during their exit was more than just a tradition. I'm sure all the little birds who overwinter here were thrilled the next morning! 

Chelsey and Trevor's love for each other is a really beautiful thing and they're not afraid to snuggle together and show it, which made taking photos of them SO MUCH FUN. Photographing couples who can hardly contain their excitement for each other really brightens up my life. 

Thanks for letting me hang out with you guys. It was an honor and a joy! 


Sydney & Bryan

I met Sydney & Bryan when I photographed Sydney's sister Bryana's wedding in June. When Sydney emailed me about her wedding shortly after, I had to resit the urge to answer with a million exclamation points. I was SO HAPPY to get to hang out with them again. Getting to know their friends and family during both of their weddings has truly been so much fun. They're a tight knit group, rich in love, affection, and tradition. They welcomed me right in and made me feel like we were old friends.

Even though Texas had a near record breaking cold front that weekend, we made the best out of the chilly weather and everyone huddled together and stayed as warm as they could. Not a single person complained about the weather and we just laughed our way through the wind gusts and celebrated their marriage. Sydney & Bryan, thank you so much for choosing me and bringing me down to your homeland to celebrate with you. Happy first week of marriage, you two!! 


Molly & Adam

Molly is a childhood neighbor of my dear friend and favorite second shooter, Erica. We were so excited to photograph their day at the Silo Event Space in Wedgewood/Houston. Their urban Nashville wedding was sweet and intimate, and I might have teared up more than a handful of times. We danced a lot, ate delicious food, trekked all over the crazy landscapes surrounding the building, and had such a great time! Thanks so much for choosing us! 

Allison & Aron

This year has taken me to so many beautiful places, but West Virginia and Pennsylvania may take the cake. On the drive up I realized that I don't know anything about this part of the country, and the landscapes totally took me by surprise. The leaves were already changing, the morning fog was slowly lifting, brown and cream cows were dotting these little bubble-like hills everywhere, and the roads wound through gorgeous mountains for hours and hours. We will definitely make a point to visit again with time to explore. Allison & Aron's wedding was tucked away by a river in the tiny town of Confluence, PA. The Paddler's Lane Retreat  was the perfect setting for a wedding. They stayed in the Bed and Breakfast for several days leading up to the wedding, which seemed to be such a restful and wonderful idea. The rolling river was so calming, even when a load of paddlers float by. The details everywhere were so captivating and I loved talking with the owners and learning about how they've transformed the property over the years. Allison and Aron both have such a wonderful group of friends and family that sure know how to throw a celebration. We had such a lovely time, and are SO thankful you guys chose me to drive all the way up to celebrate with you! Thanks a million to Natalie Hotaling for coming down from Pittsburgh to assist me! Three cheers for marriage! 

Abby & Chad

Abby and Chad's St. Louis wedding was first and foremost a celebration of a pretty awesome duo committing their lives to each other, but it was also a lovely reunion of college pals that I haven't seen in quite a long time! Their wedding venue couldn't have been more perfect for their love of both the earth and history. The DeMenil Mansion, built in 1848, is a magical place, full of gorgeous greenery and immaculately preserved historic furniture. Each room had so many amazing details, I had to keep myself from wandering around and remember that I did indeed have a timeline to follow. My favorite moments during Abby and Chad's wedding were the portrait times with just the two of them. Abby isn't one to give you a fake smile and pretend like she's having a blast - - unless she genuinely is having a good time! Getting to hang out with both of them was such a joy because their love is hilarious and tender. It's the honest kind of love, that makes you want to be more real with the world around you and worry less about how other people are perceiving you. That's something I've always admired about Abby, and the best friend we share, Natalie. They love people hard, but don't give a lick about what people think about them at the same time. The words loyal and compassionate echoed through the different speeches and conversations throughout the weekend, and everyone seemed to be there to affirm that these two coming together was providential. Hanging out with the wedding party and reminiscing about college days made me realize just how far we've all come, but also how familiar those college days still feel. I was super honored when Abby initially inquired, and have been looking forward to this day ever since! 

Also, it's a well-known fact that I'll probably cry at every wedding at some point, and it's usually a grandparent that gets me. Abby's granddad breaking it down on the dance floor melted me completely. It's capturing those moments that gives me life. I love my job. And this wedding was the best. How did I get to do this for a living? Thank the Lord. 

Congrats Abby and Chad! Happy first week of marriage! 

Allison & Nick

Let me just start this post by telling you that Allison and Nick are fabulous and incredibly multi-talented. Allison HANDMADE her gorgeous, jaw dropping wedding dress AND Nick's golden suit! All of it. By hand. While planning a wedding and working full time. Can I get a round of applause?? I mean just look at them. 

Ahem. I'm fine. 

Both of them were a sight to see, but because they're fabulous, they also booked a venue with a breathtaking view and access to See Rock City! Grandview at See Rock City has a beautiful indoor space, and the outside terrace looks over all of Chattanooga. It kinda makes you wobble a little when you walk down the hill. It's situated right on the side of the mountain immediately next to See Rock City. After the ceremony we walked over to take their portraits on the cliffside while the guests enjoyed drinks on the patio. The swinging bridge was definitely swingy, but they were bold enough to tackle it and I was shaking with excitement by the time we were finished. 

I'm so excited to show you this quick little preview and I'm thrilled to get started on the rest! 

Ty + Lauren

I've photographed a lot of weddings this year for people I love dearly, and even made some new friends along the way, but this weekend's wedding was super special because Ty and I have been friends since we were toddlers. The Brogdon boys were like my brothers, spending every day during the summer at each others house or the pool (and Jim and Nicks.) We all grew up in Newnan, Georgia and we then followed them up to Birmingham a year or two after they moved. We haven't seen each other in what feels like a decade, but it was so fun for our lives to intersect again. 

Lauren was an absolute beauty and so much fun to be around. (Let's be real friends, please??) Their joy, love, and commitment to each other was strikingly evident and it was hard for me to stop taking pictures of them so we could move on to the next thing! And don't even get me started on this venue! Giant puffy clouds sat on top of the blue bumpy mountains in the background, and we had just enough light at the end of the day to capture some of that magical glow. My heart is full, and I'm so thrilled to share these with you guys. More to come!! 



Nina + Matt

When Nina and I met 4 years ago, I was working on a farm in rural North Carolina and she popped in for a little while to serve with us. I remember marveling at how cool, hip, and kind she was. Fast forward to a few months ago when I was SO HAPPY to get a message from her asking about wedding photography! They brought me up to Virginia to hang out with them for a few days in the super sweet little town of Ashland, just north of Richmond. The morning of the wedding I got to explore the town a bit and found a delicious little cafe to sit and make a plan for the day. 

One of the things I loved about Nina and Matt's wedding was how special the ceremony was to both of them. A lot of times the reception steals the show, but for them, the intimacy and intentionality of each aspect of the ceremony was what they wanted people to experience the deepest on their wedding day. They had an Anglican service, with scripture readings, prayers, worship, and blessings. They didn't even let not one, but TWO rowdy trains stop them from having a peaceful moment with the Lord to begin their marriage. The reception was lively, and beautiful, with wonderful food and a whole lot of dancing. They also had bubbles and games for all of the kids who attended, so of course I spent some time documenting all of their hilarity. 

I loved every minute of Nina and Matt's wedding, and wish we lived closer to each other so we could hang out! The only downside to destination weddings is that you eventually have to go home, and part with all of your new friends. Thank you both SO MUCH for your kindness, and I can't wait for you to see the rest! 

Tori + Mason

When a couple comes to you THREE WEEKS before their wedding and asks you to be their photographer, you don't really know what to expect on their wedding day. But let me tell you, these two and their sweet family and hilariously fun wedding party blew me away. I was laughing the whole day, and so was everyone else. Lots of gold, pink, sequins, donuts, and family heirloom details...what more could you ask for?? Oh - maybe super chill bride and groom who were just really ready to be married and loving every minute of the day! Tori and Mason pulled off a classy and cool wedding in a pretty short time window because they both were finishing school, working full time jobs, and a host of other things.  

Mason's Aunt and Uncle graciously hosted the wedding on their gorgeous property in Goodlettsville. The barn, the hills, the regal piano room - - it was all wonderful. I know I always say "It was a true joy to be a part of it," But it REALLY WAS. I'm so happy. This is the best summer ever. Three cheers for Mason and Tori!!

Bryana + Scott

Things I love: Eucalyptus, rivers, fields, tacos, woodland cabins, fireflies, dancing, and more dancing.  Bryana + Scott's wedding HAD ALL OF THOSE. Heaven on earth, people. We prayed all week for the rain to hold off, and we were gifted the most beautiful skies and a wonderfully cool evening.  

If you've planned a wedding, been to a wedding, or have ever thought about a wedding you must know just how much work it takes to bring ideas from dreams to reality. Bryana is a graphic designer and Scott is a musician who knows how to throw a party, so the two combined their powers and added an army of friends and family to help them make it happen. They rented a beautiful Air BNB tucked away in the river valley of Leipers Fork, and created a space for their reception in a little wooded grove. String lights, candles, and a well situated disco ball lit up the evening and set the mood. Everyone, the wedding party, family, friends, videographers, and of course Bryana and Scott were seriously the best people to work with.

You may think that all of this is too good to be true, but hopefully the photos below show you just how whimsical, joyful, and love-drenched their day was. It was a true joy to tell their wedding story, and get to know their friends a family. Three cheers for clients turned friends!